Leading a Revolution in Human Machine Interface

Making Neurobiology Accessible for Everyone

Understanding and predicting our own body.

Self-test, anytime, anywhere.

We are a distinctive bio-technology company with a goal to perfect wearable smart technology for advanced measurement and analytics of electrophysiological signals. We're driven by a passion for improving quality of life. We achieve this with the help of patented technology that provides objective, automated and high-resolution analysis schemes, optimized for daily life.

Backed by over 15 years of academic research and scientifically validated peer-reviewed articles, our mission is to lead a revolution in human machine interface by assuring availability, high reliability, and user comfort.

To reach this ambitious goal, we developed the world's first wireless, flexible, ultra-soft dry multi-electrode patch array system, backed by machine learning (ML) driven algorithmic methodologies, suitable for any environment

Our main


Soft and flexible material enables optimal conformity to the patient’s skin and its natural curves
The patch’s adhesive material attaches the electrodes very close to the skin which increases the ability to acquire reliable signals for prolonged measurements, without losing signal quality over time
Multimodality measurements of EXG Signals with a single patch, thus avoiding the need for multiple recording devices
Wireless recording system that simplifies the process of acquiring multi channels of physiological data
Non-invasive, wireless unit that does not interfere with normal activity
Real-time display of the acquired signals
The X-trodes

The X-trodes methodology is based on innovative flexible sensors, a miniaturized high-end, low noise Bluetooth amplifier, and cloud-based artificial intelligence analysis, easily accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Using a simple to use application programming interface (API), our technology simplifies the entire data analysis and visualization process for maximum convenience. All data is seamlessly transferred from the amplifier to a cloud storage that provides the highest standards for cybersecurity and data protection regulation.

Our Team
X-trodes is formed from a team of experts in multidisciplinary fields, ranging from researchers and engineers to business development.
Our technology is based on an intellectual property (IP) that was developed over the last decade at Prof. Yael Hanein’s nano-technology laboratory at Tel Aviv University.
Ziv Peremen, PhD
Prof. Yael Hanein, PhD
Alon Netser, MBA
Ilan Ron
David Rand, PhD
Project manager
Stas Steinberg, MS.c
Application engineer
Esther Harduf, PhD
Field engineer
Michal Eilat, MBA
Product manager
Aaron Gerston
Research data scientist
Cheni Hermon
Research field engineer
Ivan Lavrov
QA engineer
Michael Shevelin
QA engineer
Our Advisory Board
Tom Roth, PhD
David White, MD
Moran Cerf, PhD
Alon Avidan, MD
Amir Lerman, MD
Omar Burschtin, MD
Technically reliable.
Scientifically validated.
Safety tested.
understanding and predicting the daily activities of the human body through accurate self-test skin electrophysiology technology- anytime, anywhere.

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