Unleash data collection for better, and more accessible healthcare

Harness the true power of electrophysiology data collection to enhance the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of healthcare.

Сurrent situation
The problem

The collection of medical-grade electrophysiology data is currently bound to a fully equipped and staffed medical facility.

This limits practitioners to a narrow window of diagnostic possibilities, allowing just a glimpse into the endless data the body stores: only in certain conditions, only at certain times, only when resources are available. Everything else is out of reach.

X-trodes is expanding this landsacpe, removing restrictions, and allowing healthcare professionals to diagnose, monitor and decipher data without limits. 

Our pioneering technology enables practitioners to enhance diagnostic processes, guide medical treatments, improve patient outcomes, and make healthcare more accessible and efficient for all.

The Solution: Smart-Skin
x-trodes technology

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Smart Skin is a medical-grade skin patch with unique qualities:


Smart Skin is affordable and compact, and its intuitive, user-friendly design makes it very easy to use.

Skin compliance

Flexible, soft, and ultra-thin, Smart Skin patches effectively and easily attach anywhere on the skin

Skin compliance

EXG By Multi modality

Smart Skin supports multi-site surface electrophysiology of various modalities, such as
EEG, EMG, and ECG in one single multi-electrode array

EXG By Multi modality


Smart Skin electrodes are dry, requiring no gels or medical adhesives, enabling the monitoring of signals for hours without losing signal quality


Smart Skin’s pioneering technology introduces a more inclusive and accessible healthcare system, and yielding benefits for everyone.

Healthcare practitioners

Healthcare practitioners are empowered with unprecedented insights, allowing them to provide:

  • Better diagnosis
  • Personalized treatment
  • Better patient outcomes

Active Patients

Patients are empowered to actively participate in their own healthcare.

  • Creating a sense of agency
  • Better self-management
  • Better personal outcomes

Smart Skin’s user-friendly design and quick setup allow patients to engage with the process in comfortable, familiar environments, enabling better self-management of their conditions:

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities gain financial efficiency, allowing them to maximize the existing infrastructure:

  • Conserving time and costs per study
  • Saving overhead
  • Increased study capacity