Unleash the full potential of electrophysiological signal monitoring

Harness the true power of electrophysiology data collection to enhance the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of healthcare.

X-trodes technology is based on an intellectual property (IP) developed over the last decade at Prof. Yael Hanein’s Neuro Engineering laboratory.

What we do

X-trodes releases electrophysiological
data collection from its constraints,
taking them out of the lab
and into real life.

Over the last decade, we developed Smart Skin,
a medical-grade skin patch with unique capabilities.

Allow access to an untapped source of data, expanding
our knowledge and understanding on every level.


Real-Life Data

Our technology collects electrophysiological real-time data while patients are in their natural environments, living their everyday lives

Real-Life Data

Skin compliance

Flexible, soft, and ultra-thin, Smart Skin patches effectively and easily attach
anywhere on the skin

Skin compliance

EXG By Multi modality

Smart Skin supports multi-site surface electrophysiology of various modalities, such as EEG, EMG, and ECG in one single multi-electrode array

EXG By Multi modality

Signal quality

Medical-grade quality signal that delivers accurate and consistent data

Signal quality
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