Expand Non-Invasive Human Electrophysiology Research Beyond Laboratory Limits

Perform laboratory grade electrophysiological measurements in natural environments, with X-trodes revolutionary wireless wearable technology

Need to explore various research questions with high reliability and maximum adjustability to your experiment needs?
Starting today you can utilize our system, true wireless system, incorporating our tailor-made multi-electrode patches.

Our technology is optimized for both indoor and outdoor settings, allowing you to obtain objective, automated and high-resolution measurement of electrophysiological signals even in the most challenging evaluation environments.

The X-trodes


Outdoor Dynamics
Superb skin attachment and ergonomic design ensures high durability of outdoor measurements and robustness against mechanical artifacts.
Skin Compliance
Superior electrode-skin compliance designed for simple, quick and comfortable application. Conformity of the electrodes patch is guaranteed thanks to ultra-thin flexible soft materials, even on curved body locations, allowing advanced analytics for source localization mapping in a non-invasive manner.
EXG By Multimodality
Our technology supports multi-site surface electrophysiology of all modalities, such as EEG, EMG, and ECG in one single multielectrode array

Backed By 15 Years of Academic Research

More than 20 ongoing academic studies and projects world wide

From Biosignals To Knowledge

Wear flexible multi-electrode patch
Real Time Electrophysiological Signals
Automated cloud based analytics
Step up to untethered research and enjoy hours of stable, high-quality signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) recordings, including minimal SNR signals such as EEG.
Contact us for more information about our revolutionary wireless system for the new age of skin electrophysiology.

Each X-trodes Package Includes:

Wireless data acquisiton unit
One Year free cloud storage subscription
Soft Multi-electrode patches from a catalogue selection
X-trodes mobile device preloaded with native acquisition app

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