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Obtain your data during daily activities versus in a lab setting, without compromising signal quality

current situation
The problem

Up until now, the only access science had to electrophysiology data was bound to a lab setting; sterile, static, and cumbersome. Measuring dynamic activities meant losing signal quality.

These restrictions limit our ability to explore and expand our understanding of the human body.

Following a decade of research at the Neuro-Engineering laboratory in Tel Aviv, we developed ARK, an entire lab encapsulated into a small, flexible, dry skin patch, that easily attaches to the skin, and continuously monitors signals from anywhere on the body.

These capabilities combined allow access to an untapped source of data, and hours of stable, high-quality signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) recordings.

The Solution: Smart-Skin
x-trodes technology


ARK is optimized for both
indoor and outdoor settings,
ARK collects objective, automated,
and high-resolution measurements
of electrophysiological signals
even in the most challenging
evaluation environments

Skin compliance

Flexible, soft, and ultra-thin, Smart Skin patches effectively and easily attach
anywhere on the skin

EXG By Multi modality

Smart Skin supports multi-site surface electrophysiology of various modalities, such as
EEG, EMG, and ECG in one single multi-electrode array

EXG By Multi modality


Smart Skin electrodes are dry, requiring no gels or medical adhesives, enabling the monitoring of signals for hours without losing signal quality

Electrode montage catalog
xtr EXG7

7-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for EEG, EOG, and EMG monitoring.

xtr EXG16

16-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for EMG, ECG monitoring.

xtr EEG16

16-channel wearable dry electrode array for frontal + temporal EEG & EOG monitoring.

xtr EXG2

2-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for EEG or EMG or ECG monitoring.

xtr fEMG16

16-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for facial EMG, and EEG monitoring.


12-channel wearable dry electrode array patch for facial EMG, and EEG monitoring.

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