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Easily monitor athletic electrophysiology function in dynamic environments and analyze every muscle with wireless AI-driven insights by X-trodes

Sport is all about


With X-trodes innovative wearable wireless technology you can easily track and improve athletes' muscle coherence and measure performance outside of the lab, in any dynamic environment.

Our groundbreaking ultra-soft, flexible multi-electrode patches, allow you to monitor real time muscle patterns and fatigue to avoid overload and prevent injuries. Furthermore, you can shorten rehabilitation by optimizing post injury programs with personalized objective assessments.

The X-trodes


Reach Every Muscle
Our electrode patches enable monitoring of muscles that are out of reach for current solutions with optimal conformity to the athlete's skin and body curves.
High Definition
Using the multi-electrode array in a small area results with higher resolution and unmatched signal quality
Superb Skin Attachment
Our ergonomically designed patches effectively attach to the skin, assuring high durability and continuous outdoor measurement, without losing signal quality, even under various conditions of humidity and sweating.

From Biosignals To Knowledge

AI-Driven insights
Monitor performance with muscle patterns analysis based on advanced algoritms using machine learning methods
Wear flexible multi-electrode patch
Get Real Time Performance Data
Automated cloud based advanced analysis
Take your athletes from good to great. Understand their body’s balance, boost their performance and enhance their training programs in any setting, using X-trodes' groundbreaking smart technology. Contact us for more information.

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