Restoring Quality of Life Through Accurate Sleep Analysis and Advanced AI-Driven Insights

Understand sleep patterns, diagnose sleep disorders and optimize medication treatment with X-trodes' smart wireless medical grade home-based test

Sleep is all about


With X-trodes wearable wireless technology you can monitor sleep patterns from home, in a natural sleep environment

The X-trodes


User Comfort
Unlike sleep studies conducted in clinics when using numerous wired electrodes and other devices connected to the body, the X-trodes device is minimal, true wireless, comfortable and does not interfere with the user’s regular sleep.
Advanced Sleep Disorder Analysis
Optimize personalized medication treatment by truly understanding sleep behavior.
Quick & Simple Application
Measure EXG Signals using a single flexible patch, easily and quickly applied to the skin.
Multiple Nights
The X-trodes system enables monitoring for several nights in a row at much lower cost compared to a single night at the clinic, assuring that periodic symptoms will not be overlooked.
100% Reliability
Highly durable dry electrodes designed for prolonged measurement of at least 10 hours without losing signal quality.

From Biosignals To Knowledge

AI-Driven insights
Diagnose sleep disorders with our accurate analysis of sleep patterns based on advanced algorithms developed using machine learning methods
Wear flexible multi-electrode patch
Get Real Time Monitoring Data
Automated cloud based advanced analysis
Starting today, retrieve meaningful data and accurately diagnose sleep patterns and disorders using our wireless multi-modality patches, advanced cloud machine learning algorithm and AI-driven insights.
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